“we take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone...”

Katie Thermes

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Hi Friends! 
My name is Mom first, and then Katie second. I am a proud wife and mama of three little ones. I am based out of Kitsap County in Bremerton WA. My love of photography started when I had little ones of my own and it has grown into a career and my greatest passion.

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My family

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our philosophy

This is not just a job for me, but my dreams coming true all in one.

Our Philosophy

WE STRIVE TO CREATE LASTING MEMORIES WITH EMOTION and we are just as passionate about your memories as you are.

   Realizing the power of one photo, the emotion, the feeling, the memories created, I knew instantly that I was destined to be someone who captures moments for people, while capturing those same moments with the people I love the very most, my own family. I would be honored to be the person you select and trust to do that exact thing for you and your loved ones for all your special moments.

 Hi everyone, my name is Katelyn Rose Wyatt, the owner and photographer at Katie Rose Photography. My love of pictures actually started being when I became a mom. Once I realized that photography was such an amazing way to put a marker in time (that was moving SO fast), my heart was completely sold. I have been completely in love with capturing life's most precious moments ever since!